Newborn pictures are best done before the baby is 14 days old.
I want to capture your new bundle of joy while he/she is still very sleepy and flexible.
Newborns grow so fast in the first month.
I can promise these photographs will be something you will treasure forever.

It is true what they say
They grow so fast

All images are a property of Patrycja Baczkowska Photography and are copyrighted by law. Please note your photos may be used on Patrycja Baczkowska Photography’s website or blog as well as on any advertising and marketing material.

Baby’s safety always comes first. Rest assured I will use a hand sanitizer to prevent any contact of your baby with germs. There is a reason hospitals do not allow visitors who are sick into Labor and Delivery Wards. Newborn’s immune system is not fully developed and all effort is made to maintain a hygienic and germ free environment.
It’s very important to indicate a ‚spotter’ during the session. Mom or dad or even grandma are great at this! They’d stand nearby just a couple of feet from the baby. You never know when that little bundle might move suddenly or have one of their little flinches or spasms. Even though the chances are slim, we won’t take any risks. It’s particularly important to have a ‚spotter’ during some special poses such as a ‚sling’. Which is why it’s great to have mom or dad keep a hold at the top and hand on baby at all times and then draw their hands away for the picture and then right back between shots. To some it may seem tedious, but its worth the extra effort.
Extra weight! In all of my baskets/boxes/bowls, I always use extra weights at the bottom. They unvelcro and lay flat at the bottom of the prop. They give enough weight so no matter how much baby moves, it’ll always stay safe. Newborns are light weight so its a good idea to balance them out with some additional pounds.

Session info: After the photoshoot the final images are very carefully selected by me. Then, every image is individually color corrected, retouched and enhanced using professional photographic software for best possible quality.