What to expect from your baby portrait shoot.

1. When to book a photo shoot?

Preferably, when you?re still pregnant. The dates are filling up quickly, so let me know your due date and we will book a session as soon as you baby is born.

2.How long does it take for the photographs to be ready?

About 6-8 weeks after the photo shoot

3. What?s the best age to photograph babies?

Newborn are best photographed within the first 14 days as they have that lovely womb curl shape, are usually sleepier and more easily maneuvered.

4. Where will the session take place and how long does it take?

The session will take place in my home studio. I provide a warm and baby friendly environment as well as use a variety of props. Session can take anything between 1-3 hours.

5. What if my baby cries or is unsettled?

We can take as many breaks as baby needs for some mummy cuddles, feeds and soothing. There?s no rush and we want to make a session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for both mum and baby.

6. Can Mum, Dad, brother and/or sister be included in photographs?

Yes, absolutely. There is a limit of 4 people per sitting, if you wish to add more of your loved ones there is a charge of 30 EUR per person.


7. Session info: After the photoshoot the final images are very carefully selected by me. Then, every image is individually color corrected, retouched and enhanced using professional photographic software for best possible quality.